Due to storms, accidents that take out the local grid, and other factors, your power can go out at any time. When it goes out in the summer, there’s a lot to deal with, especially considering the possibility of intense heat. To protect yourself in this scenario, consider getting a generator. A whole-home generator will be an outstanding investment. One of these systems can save you from significant trouble and prevent many inconveniences, and in doing so, it can help you save money. Here are six ways in which a generator can be a great money saver.

1. Preserves Your Food

Most households have fully stocked refrigerators, and some may even have additional refrigerators or freezers for extra items. If the power goes out for a few hours, this food would all stay safe; fridges and freezers can stay cold for a short period of time without power if you don’t open their doors. However, if your power goes out for more than four hours, the items in your refrigerator will become compromised. If the power goes out for an entire 24-hour period, items in a freezer could start to get too warm. When two days have come and gone without power, you’ll have to assess the situation and get rid of food. It’s never a good idea to risk it when it comes to food safety. Long-term health effects of eating spoiled food can be severe.

Throwing food out can cost you several hundred dollars, if not more. Meats, cheeses, and dairy products are all very susceptible to spoiling, and these items can be expensive to replace.

If you have a generator, though, you won’t have to worry about replacing your food when the power goes out. A whole-home backup generator can provide enough power to keep any refrigerators and freezers running, so your items can stay cool.

2. Keeps You From Spending Money on a Hotel

In the summer, the heat can be hard to deal with. If your power goes out, you won’t have any air conditioning to rely on. Instead, you’ll have to open the windows and keep yourself cool through other methods. When the temperatures get too high inside your home, you might be tempted to escape to a hotel. Going to a hotel can be an appealing prospect, but it can also be costly. Many hotels charge higher rates in the summer since this is a prime time to travel. Since you might have trouble finding an affordable room close to your home, you might just deal with the cost of a more expensive place. You might be spending at least $150 or $200 a night.

A generator will eliminate the need to move somewhere else temporarily. It will allow you to keep your AC running at night so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

3. Can Keep Your Plumbing Operational

Some people regularly run sump pumps to keep plumbing backups at bay. If you need a sump pump to keep water out of your home, you’ll want it to be ready to operate in case of a summer storm. Extensive water damage can potentially cost four or even five figures to remedy, so this is a situation that you want to avoid.

Fortunately, a generator can provide your sump pump with power even if the power grid goes down in your neighborhood. Any excess water will be pumped away, and your basement or the lower level of your home will stay dry. You won’t have to deal with water removal or any property damage.

4. Increases Property Values

The summer can be a popular time to move. If you plan on listing your home, having a generator might help you get the most money out of the transaction. A whole-home generator can make your place seem more appealing to potential buyers. They’ll appreciate that you’ve taken the extra step in protecting your home. As a result, you might think about listing your home for a slightly higher price.

The same concept applies if you’re renting out a place. A renter won’t be able to have a generator installed, but that doesn’t mean that your renter can’t benefit from a generator that you’ve invested in. A generator can make such a difference when the power goes out, and this convenience may allow you to ask for a little more rent each month.

5. Protects From Theft and Property Damage

Unfortunately, widespread power outages can present opportunities for thieves and vandals. When the lights are off and security systems aren’t working, criminals may feel more emboldened to venture out. They can cause damage that can be costly to fix, and they can take items from your garage, your yard, or from inside your home. This certainly isn’t a pleasant idea to think about, but it’s important to discuss this topic and make you aware of increased risks when the power goes out.

You can be proactive about the situation by having a generator installed. This way, your lights can stay on, and you’ll be able to easily see people who approach the home. Plus, any security systems that you have will continue to work and deter unwanted visitors.

6. Keeps Electrical Devices Safe

Power outages can do damage to your computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. A sudden stoppage in power may be able to cause some internal components to malfunction, and the subsequent power surge that sometimes occurs when the power comes back on can do damage, too. Just one isolated incident might not do a lot of harm, but issues can start to build if this is a frequent occurrence.

Any projects that you have been working on and have not yet saved can get erased when the power goes out. Given the increasing number of people working from home, power outages can be a real concern that can affect productivity and income.

The good news is that many generators can kick into gear as soon as they detect an issue. In this case, your electronics will receive the power they need. You can also continue to work from home if this applies to your professional situation, and you won’t have to request time off because of a power outage.

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