smoke-detector-installation-richmond-vaIn addition to keeping your home safe with expert services, we also offer smoke detectors in Richmond, VA, and CO testing to ensure your home is free of this deadly gas. Regular testing and replacement of smoke alert devices along with a carbon monoxide survey can protect your valuable home and property, as well as everything priceless within it.

    Smoke detectors are often out of reach in today’s home designs, and often out of mind with our busy lifestyles. Proper testing, cleaning, and battery replacement by Davis & Green are essential to keep them on guard. CO testing covers areas in your home where this gas may gather, in addition to spaces where you may have detectors. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, staying alert for danger means getting tested regularly in Richmond.

    Expert Care for Smoke Detectors in Richmond

    Regular, scheduled service from our smoke detector experts can make sure that your protection thoroughly covers your home and is up to date. We’ll bring the ladders to reach detectors that are high up, and clean detectors to help prevent false alarms. Checking the age of each device ensures that it’s still providing full protection, and battery replacement plus testing is essential to keep them on guard.

    Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless but deadly gas, creates many tragedies each year, especially while families are sleeping. It can come from many sources around your home, and gather undetected creating unexpected dangers. Our team checks your home thoroughly to find hidden pockets of CO gas as well as sources such as furnaces, dryers, or water heaters.

    Smoke detectors and CO testing help protect against:
    • Electrical fire risks
    • Candles, cooking, or cigarette dangers
    • Garage, furnace, generator, and other exhaust leaks
    • Gas appliance and wood stove fumes

    Trusted CO Testing in Richmond

    At Davis & Green, we’re Christian-owned, on a mission to care for other families the way we want ours to be protected. Our smoke detector and CO testing services complement our other home services, making sure that your home’s power, water, and heating and cooling are safe and reliable. Uplifting and improving lives in Richmond since 1984, we employ a team of top professionals including plumbers, electricians, technicians, and customer service staff. We’re BBB A+ rated with great online reviews. We look forward to seeing you around town, and serving you at home!

    For trustworthy smoke detectors and CO testing in Richmond, call our team at Davis & Green today! Check out our blog on the most popular smoke detectors!

    Trusted CO Testing in Richmond

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