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Preventative maintenance saves – headaches, worry, time and money. Bundle your electrical, plumbing, heating/air and generator today and have your ‘whole home’ simplified.

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Your equipment will be more reliable and last longer when cared for preventatively.

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We’ll call or email you to schedule your services when they are due.

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Reduce your energy costs and increase your heating and cooling capacity up to 30%.

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Choose plans a-la-carte and save on the service itself and 15% off parts and labor. Bundle the primary three and save more!


Select any of our four maintenance services a-la-carte.

  • Heating & Air Precision Tune Up (1 system)
  • Electrical Comfort Check
  • Plumbing Comfort Check
  • Generator Precision Tune Up
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Whole Home Handled Package

Select the Whole Home Handled Package, then select add-on services for additional cost savings.

  • Heating & Air Precision Tune Up (1 system)
  • Electrical Comfort Check
  • Plumbing Comfort Check
  • Generator Precision Tune Up - $260 ($20 savings)
  • Additional HVAC Units - $129 per unit ($20 savings)
Whole Home Handled Package
Whole Home Handled Package graphic
  • Heating & Air Precision Tune Up (1 unit)
  • Electrical Comfort Check
  • Plumbing Comfort Check
  • 15% off all service work
$597 value

Add On Options:

Tack on one or more of these additional services for even more savings!

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Generator Precision Tune-up

($20 savings)
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Additional HVAC Unit

($20 savings) per unit
Heating and Air Precision Tune-Up
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  • Services performed twice yearly.
  • Install gauges and check operating pressure and temperatures.
  • Measure superheat and sub cool to fine-tune the refrigerant charge.
  • Inspect refrigerant connections and search for major leaks visually.
  • Inspect, start and run capacitors for bulges, rusting or leaks.
  • Safety test all controls and relays for proper operation.
  • Lubricate all motors and moving parts, as required.
  • Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.
  • Check voltage and amperage of motors.
  • Test for worn bearings.
  • Evaluate air filter condition/clean or suggest replacement options.
  • Clean and adjust thermostat, if needed.
  • Ensure equipment is operating from the thermostat.
  • Inspect condition of evaporator coil and drain pan, if accessible.
  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners - vacuum/adjust, if necessary.
  • Inspect pilot operation and gas pressure and adjust, if necessary.
  • Monitor flue draft and safety controls for safe operations.
  • Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise.
  • Inspect heat anticipator settings and thermostat for proper operation.
  • Remove debris from condensing unit.
  • Inspect and clean drains as necessary.

*Excludes oil furnaces

for 1st unit
for each additional unit
** We agree to provide you with one or two Precision Tune-Ups and Safety Inspections per year to help provide a comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe indoor environment. Inspections must be completed in the time frame of one year or they will be forfeited. By signing this agreement or paying one’s renewal, the Customer is agreeing to a full year term; no refunds or credits will be given for unused inspections. Contract will renew in one year from original inspection month. If customer changes inspection months, the renewal month will be adjusted accordingly. The additional terms and provisions noted at the end of this agreement shall apply.
Plumbing Comfort Check
Plumbing graphic
  • Annual inspection of your home’s plumbing system.
  • Check for leaks and proper drainage on bath and kitchen sinks.
  • Check all toilets for leaks or failing parts.
  • Check water heaters for proper, safe operation.
  • Check incoming water pressure.
  • Visual inspection of piping under the home for leaks, support issues or insulation problems.
  • Check outdoor spigots for leaks or freeze issues.
  • Provide suggestions on preventative measures you can take year-round.
Electrical Comfort Check
Electrical graphic
  • Inspect and test all circuit breakers for proper operation.
  • Replace up to 10 owner furnished bulbs if necessary and accessible.
  • Check, test and replace up to (10) 9-volt batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors accessible up to 12 feet.
  • Provide suggestions on how you can save on energy costs.
  • Inspect and test for receptacle for polarity, opens, shorts and grounds, including ground fault receptacles.
Generator Precision Tune-Up
Generator graphic
  • Change oil & filter.
  • Change air filter.
  • Change spark plugs.
  • Inspect battery cable & terminal ends (replace with customer approval at additional charge).
  • Test battery for holding charge and test battery fluid levels.
  • Inspect battery trickle charge circuit.
  • Inspect drive belts.
  • Inspect the coolant heater.
  • Check coolant lines and connections.
  • Check for oil leaks and inspect lubrication system hoses and connectors.
  • Check for fuel leaks and inspect fuel system hoses and connectors.
  • Inspect the exhaust system, muffler and exhaust pipe.
  • Check for fluid leaks.
  • Inspect/wipe down enclosure.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Measure output voltage and hertz.
  • Set and/or confirm exercise cycle.
  • Check general conditions (vibrations, noise, leakage, position on pad).
  • Test transfer switch operations and check all connections.
  • Ensure the generator is in “Auto”.
  • Run the generator.
  • Simulate outage.

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