Benefits of a Home Comfort Plan

Reduced Costs

  • 20% parts allowance and 20% labor allowance on any repairs your systems may require.
  • Save $100 when you bundle two or more packages.
  • Service fee waived on all service work performed during normal business hours.

Stress-Free Service & Appointment Scheduling
We’ll call or email you to schedule your services when they are due.

Peace of Mind
Your equipment will be more reliable and last longer when cared for with preventative maintenance.

Energy Efficiency
Clean and accurately adjusted systems can provide up to 30% more heat and/or cooling capacity and reduce your energy costs.

Electrical Comfort Check

$150 / Year

  • Provide suggestions on how you can save on energy costs
  • Inspect and test all circuit breakers for proper operation
  • Replace up to (10) owner furnished bulbs if necessary and accessible
  • Check test and replace up to (10) nine volt batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect and test for receptacles for polarity, opens, shorts and grounds including Ground Fault Receptacles

Heating & Air Conditioning
Precision Tune-Up

$199 / Unit
$149 / Additional Unit

  • Install gauges and check operating pressure and temperatures
  • Measure superheat and sub cool to fine-tune the refrigerant charge
  • Inspect refrigerant connections and search for major leaks visually
  • Inspect, start and run capacitors for bulges rusting or leaks
  • Safety test all controls and relays for proper operation
  • Lubricate all motors and moving parts as required
  • Test operation and condition of compressor contacts
  • Check voltage and amperage of motors
  • Test for worn bearings
  • Evaluate air filter condition/Clean or replace with customer supplied filters
  • Services performed twice yearly in Spring and Fall
  • Clean and adjust thermostat if needed
  • Ensure equipment is operating from the thermostat
  • Inspect condition of evaporator coil and drain pan if accessible
  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners – vacuum/adjust if necessary
  • Inspect pilot operation and gas pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Monitor flue draft and safety controls for safe operations
  • Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
  • Inspect heat anticipator settings and thermostat for proper operation
  • Remove debris from condensing unit
  • Inspect and clean drains as necessary

Generator Comfort Check

from $235 / Unit

  • Oil change with synthetic oil
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Cooling louvers cleaned & inspected
  • Battery terminals cleaned & inspected
  • Spark plugs inspected & checked for spark
  • Start up generator & transfer to stand by