Considering a Career as an Electrician in Richmond?

Davis & Green believes that our employees are our greatest resource. Our hardworking and dependable workforce allows us to meet and exceed your electrical contracting needs and expectations. We believe each employee plays a vital role in both the growth and success of our company. In order to attract and retain the best employees possible, we offer competitive wages and a generous benefits package.

Employment Benefits

Our employees are the company’s greatest assets. We value the passion, dedication and energy that each one of our Richmond electricians brings to the team. We believe in rewarding our employees for all of their hard work and investing in their progression.

Check out some of the medical benefits full-time employees enjoy:
  • Medical Insurance – Davis & Green Electrical offers our employees medical insurance through Anthem and covers 80% of our employees’ medical insurance premiums.
  • Dental Insurance – Davis & Green Electrical offers dental insurance through Delta Dental.
We aim to ensure all our employees have a high quality of life. We offer the following benefits to qualified employees:
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacations
  • Company Vehicles

For any questions about employee benefits, you can contact our Human Resources department by phone or email us at

Apprenticeship Program

Davis & Green believes in helping our employees reach their career goals. We created and administer a nationally accredited apprenticeship program to provide our apprentices the opportunity to obtain electrical, mechanical, and plumbing certifications. Our employees have the opportunity to work on many of our diverse and multifaceted projects. We can help pay your apprentices’ yearly administration cost and offer assistance for semester and book fees.

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