Are you considering making upgrades to the plumbing of your new home to increase its value? The good news is that upgrades that have to do with major home systems, such as plumbing, typically do increase the property’s resale value. When people are buying houses, they typically don’t want to have to tackle a number of large projects.

A house with relatively new plumbing saves these shoppers the hassle of having to make unforeseen repairs and upgrades themselves anytime soon. If you keep your home’s plumbing in good shape over the years, you’ll likely find that the investment will be well worth it when it comes time to sell. Here are some of the top upgrades to make to increase your home’s value.

Replace the Pipes

Old pipes can come with a lot of problems. A home with aged pipes might experience frequent clogs or be cracked or corroded. Savvy buyers know that if they purchase a home with old plumbing, they are likely going to have to replace the pipes at some point. Having this work done now can expedite a sale later. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to replace all of the pipes. You can speak with the plumbing company about the upgrades that are the most crucial for your home.

Insulate the Pipes

Insulating the pipes in your home can provide a host of benefits. These include improved energy efficiency, freeze protection, and noise control. Insulated pipes are less likely to burst, which will be appealing to a new buyer.

Prioritize the Environment

When you’re getting plumbing upgrades, speak to your professionals at Davis & Green about options that are friendlier for the environment. By including the fact that your home has environmentally friendly plumbing upgrades in the real estate listing, you might be able to attract more buyers. Energy-efficient plumbing systems can help the new owners save money on their bills, and you will get to reap this benefit too until you make a sale. Getting a low-flow toilet is an example of an environmentally friendly upgrade.

Deal With Frequent Clogs

A toilet, sink, or shower that clogs up frequently isn’t going to leave a good impression on prospective buyers. Most home remedies are unlikely to permanently resolve the issue. Hire a skilled plumber from Davis & Green to get to the root of the problem. We’ll find the source of the clog and eliminate it promptly.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning

Replacing all of the pipes in the house is a drastic measure to take when such an upgrade is unnecessary. Instead of opting for this more expensive route, you could schedule a professional draining cleaning to ensure that the plumbing is in solid working condition. Our plumbing team can advise you on the best solution to your drain problems.

Repair Flood Damage

If plumbing issues have led to floods in your house, you should have the damage repaired before putting the house on the market. You might need to get professional mold remediation, or you may need to hire a team to fix tiles that were damaged or destroyed as a result of a flood.

Get a Dishwasher

Some people will not even look at homes that lack a dishwasher, so getting this appliance installed before showing off your house can be critical to the sale of the property. If you have an older dishwasher, consider a stylish upgrade with modern features to attract buyers.

Update the Kitchen Sink

When purchasing a new home, many people focus heavily on the kitchen. A deep sink with a pull-out faucet can make your kitchen sparkle in real estate photos and inspire potential purchasers to submit a higher offer.

Opt for New Toilets

Unsightly and old toilets in real estate photos can turn away prospective buyers, so replacing these structures can encourage shoppers to come look at the house. Consider ergonomic designs as well. For example, you could choose to get models that have higher seats, which makes the toilets more accessible.

Install a Double Sink

Some buyers are looking for homes with double sinks. This feature is commonly found in a bathroom attached to the main bedroom intended for a couple or in a bathroom that connects two bedrooms intended for children. Having a double sink installed in a guest bathroom or in the basement bathroom wouldn’t hurt, either.

Select a Luxurious Shower Head

Making simpler changes can improve the value of your home as well. A luxurious shower head with different pressure options can be an enticing feature for home shoppers. You could also consider getting a showerhead with a detachable hose.

Choose a Walk-in Shower

Adding a walk-in shower to the main bathroom can be a smart move. Many people want to buy a house with at least one walk-in shower in the event of an injury. A walk-in shower on the first floor is also attractive to aging buyers or to buyers with accessibility needs.

Install a Tub

If your home is currently without a bathtub, you might have trouble selling the property, particularly if the house is otherwise designed for a family. In short, buyers with small children typically want at least one bathtub in the house for ease when bathing the kids.

Go for a Hot Tub

A hot tub, either inside or outside of the house, can be an attractive feature, particularly if your target audience consists of luxury buyers. In addition to increasing the potential sale price of the house, the hot tub will also make for a stunning centerpiece in the real estate photos.

Add a Second Bathroom

In many real estate markets, houses with only one bathroom don’t sell as well as homes with two full bathrooms. If you have one and a half bathrooms, consider converting the half bath into a full bath before putting the house on the market.

Another smart idea is to add a bathroom to the first floor in the event that one does not currently exist. A first-floor bathroom is appealing to buyers who are concerned about current or future accessibility issues. You could also consider adding a third bathroom. Evaluating the real estate market and what properties sell for in your area can help you to decide.

Update the Water Heater

You can feel pretty confident that prospective buyers will have questions about the age and condition of the water heater. If you’re unwilling to make this upgrade, you might see the final sale price of your home drop by a significant amount. Make sure that the real estate listing includes the fact that the house has a new water heater.

Davis & Green serves the plumbing needs of customers in and around Richmond, VA, and our professionals can help you choose upgrades for your new home. Some of our services include water heater replacement, drain cleaning, and drain repair. Our team also specializes in heating, cooling, and electrical services. Both residential and commercial services are available, and we offer financing on new equipment installations with approved credit. To learn more, contact Davis & Green today.

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