If you see a plumber with headphones poking a rod into holes in the wall or ground, it’s just the latest form of leak detection in Manakin Sabot, VA. By listening to the sound of water escaping from tiny holes in the pipe, the plumber can narrow down the location of the pipe problem with a minimum of damage to the wall. This water leak detection method, combined with in-pipe video, ultrasonic rangefinding equipment, and other technologies, allows our amazing Davis & Green technicians to do some wonderful detective work.

Where leak detection technologies like these really shine is when the pipe is underground or under your home’s concrete slab foundation. In the past, a lot of digging or cracking the concrete floor would be required to check the location of the leak. These days, with more accurate leak information, the types of repairs available also increase, since we know exactly what we’re dealing with. At Davis & Green, we’re always learning new ways to serve you better as plumbers in Manakin Sabot.