Apart from a traditional air conditioning system, a whole home fan system can provide a more cost-effective way of cooling your home during mild days. This system works by pulling air in from open windows to air out your home and exhausting it up through your attic. This not only helps to provide a great level of cooling for your home, but it also provides great attic ventilation. In fact, there are many benefits that homeowners can gain from having a whole home fan installed in their homes.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

Whole home fans can be a great way to drastically reduce your energy consumption during the summer months while still keeping your home nice and cool for your family. Many experts suggest that homeowners who utilize a whole home fan can save between 50 and 90% on their energy bills as compared to using a centralized air conditioning system. That means a lot of money staying in your pocket this summer season.

Fast Installation

Another great benefit of a whole home fan is that it’s very fast to install. It doesn’t require the traditional ducting that has to be run through the walls for your centralized air conditioning system. Rather, a licensed professional can typically install one of these systems within an hour or less. You won’t need to wait days to get your new system installed.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has been a growing concern for many homeowners. As more is understood about how indoor toxins can result in respiratory and other bodily illnesses, homeowners want to ensure that they’re keeping their families safe while they’re spending relaxing time indoors. When you invest in a whole home fan system, it helps to increase your indoor air quality by constantly removing odors and other lingering airborne particles. With this type of cooling system, you can prevent harmful pollutants and gases from accumulating inside of your home and work to protect the health of your loved ones.

Quiet Operation

One really annoying part of a home air conditioning system is that you can hear it when it’s running. It’s a common experience for homeowners to constantly turn up the TV volume or talk louder whenever their air conditioning system kicks on. Fortunately, with a whole home fan system, you can enjoy a much quieter operation. Most homeowners only report hearing a slight humming noise when their fans kick on, which they attribute to a pleasant white noise sound that helps them fall asleep faster at night.

Cheaper Than Central Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing a central air conditioning system for your home, then you know that they’re a large financial investment. If you’re looking for something that is cheaper and can provide you with an adequate level of comfort during the hot summer months, you may want to look into a whole house fan system. This affordable method will run on less energy than an air conditioning system, and it’s much cheaper to have installed by a licensed professional.

Reduces Need for Air Conditioning

If you’ve been living with solely air conditioning for the past few years, then you may be surprised to find out that a whole home fan can help drastically reduce your need for it. Many times, homeowners simply seek movement of the air to help keep them cool. Instead of having to turn on your air conditioning system and wasting an excessive amount of energy, you can turn on your whole house fan. This will provide a nice breeze across your skin that will help to cool down your body. The best part is that it will provide you with the same cooling benefit at a much more energy-efficient price.

Direct Cooling Breeze

One of the coolest benefits of a whole home fan is that you can directly control the breeze in your home. You do this by opening the windows in the room in which you would like to have a breeze. For example, if you would like to cool down as you go to sleep, you can turn on your whole house fan and open a window in your bedroom. This will provide a nice breeze coming from the outdoors for your room and up into the attic of your home.

Extends the Life of Your AC System

If you decide to invest in a whole home fan system on top of your existing centralized air conditioning system, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll likely find that you’ll be running your whole home fan a lot more than you run your air conditioning system, which will go a long way in helping to extend the overall life of your air conditioning system and its internal components.

Better Attic Ventilation

Many homeowners tend to ignore their attics because they don’t see them that often. However, it’s very important that you pay attention to the amount of ventilation that your attic gets. If your attic doesn’t get enough ventilation, it can trap heat throughout the summer months and cause your roofing shingles to warp prematurely. With a whole home fan, you get the added benefit of being able to properly ventilate your attic to extend the life of your shingles and overall roofing structure.

Quick Drying

It can be extremely frustrating when you go through the effort of mopping the floors in your home just to have your kids or pet walk through them while they’re still wet. A whole house fan can solve this problem. Due to its great ventilation, your family will be able to move enough air to dry out floors and wet spots throughout your home within minutes.

Instant Heat Relief

Whenever you turn your air system on during a hot summer day, it can take 30 minutes or more for it to adequately start to cool your home to a comfortable temperature. This can be very irritating when you’re sweating profusely. With a whole home fan, you can get instant relief as soon as you turn your fan on. In fact, most systems will provide complete changes for your entire home every three to four minutes so that you can have a comfortable indoor environment.

Fast Odor Removal

We’ve all been there where you’ve burnt something cooking, and it has stunk up your entire house. Or, you decided that you wanted to repaint one room, and now the stench of the paint is lingering throughout all the rooms in your home. This is where a whole-home fan can help. It will work to quickly remove those unwanted lingering odors throughout your home in a matter of minutes.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

One great way that you can work to reduce the cost of installing a whole home fan inside of your home is through tax incentives and rebates. Many local governments and municipalities will provide you with tax rebates and incentives for opting to install a whole house fan system over a centralized air conditioning system. This is due to the fact that your whole home fan system will use less energy than a centralized air conditioning system.

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