If you are looking to increase the water that is being passed through your house’s plumbing system, there are a few things you should think about. For starters, it will help if your home has adequate water pressure and plumbing lines to handle the extra flow. There are also steps homeowners can take to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep their faucets running and minimize the risk of damage. One way, for example, is to insulate pipes with foam insulation.

Select the Right Faucet

High-quality faucets are guaranteed to work better. In some cases, they can increase your water pressure enough to compensate for the lack of pressure in your home’s plumbing lines. It is crucial to select a faucet that is known for having intense water pressure. Always remember that you should never choose a faucet just because it looks nice or just because you heard the brand’s name. These are usually not good indicators of how much water a specific faucet will use or how much pressure it will produce.

Install a High-Pressure Vacuum Breaker

If you have low pressure water in your home and want to increase the pressure to match your faucet and other fixtures, you may need to install a vacuum breaker. Also referred to as backflow preventers, these are recommended for homes with well water, soft-water systems and older fixtures. Homeowners should consider using them everywhere in their home if they have low water pressure throughout their house from the time they turn on the tap until it is turned off. Vacuum breakers work by preventing backflow from taking place. This way, water can be used simultaneously as it is being pumped out with very little effect on the amount of water being pumped out of your faucet or softener.

Repair Leaks

If you have water seeping through a pipe or joint in your home, it can often mean that a component needs replacing or some piping materials may be damaged. This can also signify that a pipe is leaking, which can lead to more severe problems. If you hear the sound of running water when your pipes are not being used, such as at night, you should immediately check all pipes in and around your home for leaks or drips. Putting these simple tips into practice can greatly increase your water pressure, not to mention the value of your home and its potential for resale. Fixing leaks will also save you money on your water bill.

Clear the Clogs

Before purchasing a new kitchen appliance in your home, it is usually a good idea to check to see if the countertop or sink is clogged. At Davis & Green Services, we recommend homeowners use unclogging agents that can clear out the clutter and get you back on track to using water as needed. An unclogging agent will also keep you from getting water all over the floor. In many cases, disposing of pipes that are leaking can solve your problem as well. This can be done by turning off the water at the shutoff valve and putting newspapers around until they have been completely removed.

Open Your Main Water Valve

If there are no other problems in your home other than a low water pressure issue, you may need to open the main water valve to clear any debris clogging the water supply into your home. If it is not a minor issue, which is usually the case, this could be a permanent solution. Always make sure that you have turned off the main water valve before doing this. You’ll also want to make it a point to take note of where it is located and how to turn it back on if necessary. Fortunately, the main water valve is easy to adjust, and you do not need to contact a professional plumber.

Replace the Regulator

If the water pressure in your home is low, you can replace the regulator on your water system. This is located between the meter and the house and regulates how much water flow your house can handle. If you have an older home, it’s a good
idea to hire Davis & Green Services to help with these kinds of projects since they involve digging under the ground.

When the water regulator goes bad, the water pressure drops steadily, resulting in a loss in velocity that impacts some of the fixtures in your plumbing system. To restore the water pressure, you can replace the regulator or hire an expert to do the work for you.

Install a Pressure Booster

If your home is plagued with low water pressure, you might want to consider installing a pressure booster. A booster pump takes water from the supply line in the house and pumps it to a more extensive, pressurized water system.

If you have a builder-grade home, chances are that it has small plumbing lines that can’t handle very much pressure. You will need to install a larger water service. This is sometimes called an L pipe, L-boost, or two-pipe system. A large service can handle up to 125 psi of pressure, but many areas require no more than 60 psi. Homeowners should check with our team for their maximum pressure requirements.

Inspect Your Pipes

Inspect your pipes and ensure they aren’t worn out or have cracks. If you notice anything unusual, it might be time to contact a plumber. In some cases, what seems like low water pressure could be because there is a leak in the pipes. If you notice a drop in the water pressure outside of the house, it may mean that there is a leak in the pipes that are buried outside.

Broken or cracked pipes can cause leaks that drain water as it passes through them, leaving you with only a dribble when you turn on the faucet. Turn off all indoor and outdoor faucets, then turn off the water valve in your house. Record the number that displays on your water meter to determine if your main pipe is broken.

If you have trouble getting enough water pressure in your home, take the time to look into what options may be available. The best step is to consult a professional plumber at Davis & Green Services if you suspect issues with any plumbing materials in or around your home’s water system.

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