There are a lot more benefits than risks from today’s water leak detection in Tuckahoe, VA. With listening devices, video, and other technologies in the hands of our skilled technicians, experts at Davis & Green can target leaks. We can now perform water leak repair with minimum disruption to your home, yard, or basement. You can cut your water loss, end damage from ongoing leaks, and keep your water flowing to faucets and showers, not into your walls or under the slab.

Our talented plumbers may look a little odd as they tap the pipes and listen for leaks, narrowing down the sounds until they pinpoint the location. They also run tiny video cameras into pipes to take a look at what kind of damage the pipe has received, so the water leak repair they perform will serve you well. If the damage suggests that the pipes are corroded or in need of replacement, we’ll discuss that with you to help avoid further leaks.